IDCORE Research Engineers

Our research engineers are listed below by research area. For completed projects that do not have any commercial sensitivities, links to the final theses are included.

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IDCORE Research Engineers
IDCORE Member Name Programme Partner Research Area Industrial Partner Cohort
Tara Alkubaisi University of Edinburgh Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) Scottish Power 2021
Tom Summers University of Strathclyde Mechanical Engineering (ME) HydroWing 2021
Andrew Russell University of Strathclyde Risk & Reliability (RR) Wood Group 2020
Anita Nunes Leite University of Strathclyde Resource Assessment (RA) FloWave 2020
Callum Turnbull University of Strathclyde Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) Wood Group 2020
Calum Dunnett University of Exeter Mechanical Engineering (ME) Swift Anchors 2020
Jan Dillenburger-Keenan University of Edinburgh Computational Modelling (CM) Orbital 2020
Simon McLaughlin University of Edinburgh Environment (E) Seiche 2020
Tegan Foster University of Exeter Hydrodynamics (H) Stiesdal Offshore Technologies 2020
Alyona Naberezhnykh University of Edinburgh Resource Assessment (RA) EMEC 2019
Ben Moverley-Smith University of Exeter Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) Xodus 2019
Elie Rongé University of Edinburgh Naval Architecture (NA) EDF 2019
Lubica Slabon University of Edinburgh Materials (M) Mainstream Renewable Power 2019
Luke Evans University of Edinburgh Risk & Reliability (RR) EMEC 2019
Mac Versey University of Strathclyde Electrical Engineering (EE) Mocean Energy 2019
Mujahid Elobeid University of Strathclyde Hydrodynamics (H) EnerOcean 2019
Nadia Avanessova University of Strathclyde Operations and Maintenance (OM) Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult 2019
Nick Kell University of Exeter Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) EDF 2019
Susana Torres University of Exeter Operations and Maintenance (OM) JBA Consulting 2019
Andrea Caio University of Edinburgh Mechanical Engineering (ME) Mocean Energy 2017


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