Energy CDT Network

IDCORE is part of the Network of Energy Doctoral Training Centres (Energy CDT Network), which connects all the Energy related Centres for Doctoral Training across the country.

Being part of this national network gives our students access to a wider range of training, facilities and events and allows them to network with and learn from peers working in other areas of energy.

The network holds an annual conference to bring students from all energy CDTs together to discuss their work, hone their networking skills and make new contacts.The network has a dedicated Public Engagement Manager who provides training to all students on public engagement and communication skills. They are also on hand to provide support and guidance for IDCORE outreach and engagement activities.Through the Energy CDT Network we are also able to provide our students with membership of the Energy Institute and opportunities to attend exclusive parliamentary meetings and events via parliamentary groups such as PRASEG and PGES.

Energy YES

Each year are students are given the opportunity to take part in the Energy Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (Energy YES). This is a business competition that aims to raise awareness of commercialisation, business skills and entrepreneurship amongst the energy research community.

Students work in teams to prepare a business plan for an idea they have developed. They attend a series of workshops on topics such as finance, IP and hear real-life case studies from people working in the energy sector. On the final day the teams present their plan to a panel of would-be investors. This provides our students with a range of transferrable and business skills such as team-work, leadership, working to deadline, commercialisation of research and gives them a chance to hone their presentation skills. In 2013, the IDCORE team David Haverson, Anthony Gray, Michael Smailes and Finlay Wallace took part in the event in Edinburgh.


Dr Donna Palmer

Network Manager

Telephone: 0115 748 4406 / 07780491148

Nicola Smith

Public Engagement Manager

Telephone: 0113 343 7557 / 07753749340
Twitter: @nmsmth

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UK Energy CDT Network map
Energy CDT Network map (click image to enlarge)
IDCORE Research Engineers David Haverson, Anthony Gray, Michael Smailes and Finlay Wallace take part in Energy Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (Energy YES) 2013
IDCORE Research Engineers at Energy Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (Energy YES) 2013