What is an EngD?

The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) is a doctoral level research and training programme equivalent in academic standing to a conventional PhD but is achieved through research which is much more industrially focused and which is designed to produce graduates who have a sound understanding of the business implications of industrial research activity. It is a four year programme which combines PhD-level research projects with taught courses, and students spend about 75% of their time working directly with a company.

The research projects are identified by sponsoring companies and concern a topic related to business activities of the industrial sponsor.


Industrial Doctorate Centres (IDCs) are a subset of EPSRC' Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs). These user-oriented Centres provide the same training environment and features as CDTs whilst also incorporating a strong industrial focus.



IDCORE training programme

The broad training programme for EngD in Offshore Renewable Energy has been developed specifically for the IDCORE.


EngD in Offshore Renewable Energy - programme regulations

The University of Edinburgh is the administering university for the IDCORE programme. The programme regulations and assessment regulations applicable to a Research Engineer are: the General Postgraduate Degree Regulation; Taught Assessment Regulations; and Research Assessment Regulations of the University of Edinburgh. The regulations are available on the Academic Services website
These guidelines are supplemented by specific regulations applying to the EngD in Offshore Renewable Energy.