Industrial Partners

Company Project Title Location Research Engineer
Aquamarine Power The Use of Compliant and Continuous Structures in the Nearshore Environment for the Purpose of Wave Energy Extraction Belfast Laurie Wilkinson
Cefas Modelling the interactions of marine renewable devices and the environment Lowestoft/Suffolk David Haverson
EDF Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimisation London Ajit Pillai
EDF Offshore wind O & M 'ECUME' tool London Rebecca Martin
EDF Numerical study of a real floating wind turbine Paris Raffaello Antonutti
EDF Offshore Wind - Corrosion and Marine Fouling Protection London Claire Canning
EDF Offshore Wind - Foundation Design & Optimisation Paris Siobhan Vaughan
EDF Marine Energy Converters - Reliability & Cost Modelling Paris Steven Allsop
E.ON Assessment of next generation offshore wind turbine foundations installation methodologies Nottingham Gabriel Marsh
E.ON High Altitude Wind Resource for Large Wind Turbines and Airborne Wind Nottingham Stephanie Mann
TGL Tidal resource modelling Bristol Alberto Perez Ortiz
Narec Development and Validation of full Scale Lab Based Tidal Turbine Drive Train Blyth/Newcastle Ampea Karikari-Boateng
Narec HVDC project Blyth/Newcastle Michael Smailes
FloWave TT Characterisation of the All-Waters Test Facility Edinburgh Samuel Draycott
FloWave TT Characterisation and Scale Effects of Current in Combination with Waves Edinburgh Donald Noble
Tidal Energy Implementation of Predictive Control for Tidal Turbines Cardiff Magnus Harrold
Tidal Energy Independent Speed Control of Tidal Turbine Rotors in an Array Cardiff Simon Reynolds
Pelamis Wave Power Modelling and Optimising of Pelamis Wave Power's O&M Strategy Edinburgh Anthony Gray
Pelamis Wave Power Design and Manufacture of post-tensioned concrete tubes Edinburgh Leah Ewart
SIEMENS/MCT Development of Improved Methodologies for Incorporating the Impact of Aharmonic Forcing on Tidal Turbine Design Bristol George Crossley
SIEMENS/MCT De-risking Tidal Energy Project Development Through Improved Uncertainty Analysis Bristol Sunny Shah
Pelamis Wave Power Simulation, Optimisation and Analysis of the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter Edinburgh Enrico Anderlini
Lloyd's Register Health Monitoring Renewable Energy Systems Aberdeen Marco Sepulveda
TWI Lessons Learnt from decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas structures for Inputs to Improved Design of Offshore Wind Farm Structures Cambridge Scott McKirdy
DNV Certification Standard for Wave Energy Converters London Maximilian Zangs
Sgurr Energy Tidal Resource Assessment Glasgow Robert Clayton
AlbaTern System Design to Support Commercialisation of Wave Energy for Aquaculture and Other Islanded Systems Edinburgh Ciaran Frost