Bryn first started to explore renewable energy during his first degree, an MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Swansea University. There is interest in the potential development of a tidal lagoon in the Swansea Bay area, and this meant that Bryn was able to study modules on both lagoon and tidal energy, as well as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as part of his first degree. Coming to IDCORE allowed him to continue to pursue these interests to a deeper level but within the commercial context provided by an EngD.

photo of Bryn Townley with loch and mountains in background

Returning to Engineering

Immediately prior to joining IDCORE Tom had spent four years teaching science and maths in the South Wales Valleys. He had gone there after graduating from an aerospace engineering degree at the University of Bristol in 2016. Although he enjoyed life as a teacher, he didn’t feel that it was making the best use of his engineering skills. He could see the potential for making a difference in the energy sector in an industry like offshore renewables.

photo of Tom Summers with sea and mountains in the background
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