IDCORE Graduate Engineers

Our IDCORE Graduate Engineers are listed below by research area. For completed projects that do not have any commercial sensitivities, links to the final theses are included.

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IDCORE Research Engineers
IDCORE Member Name Programme Partner Research Area Industrial Partner Thesis link Cohort
Stephanie Mann University of Edinburgh Resource Assessment (RA) E.ON 2013
Dr Ajit C Pillai University of Edinburgh Techno-Economic Modelling (TE) EDF 2012
Dr Alberto Perez Ortiz University of Edinburgh Resource Assessment (RA) ALSTOM Ocean Power 2012
Dr Ampea Karikari-Boateng University of Strathclyde Mechanical Engineering (ME) Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult 2012
Dr Anthony Gray University of Exeter Operations and Maintenance (OM) Pelamis Wave Power 2012
Dr David Haverson University of Exeter Resource Assessment (RA) Cefas 2012
Dr Gabriel Marsh University of Strathclyde Civil/Structural (CS) E.ON 2012
Dr Laurie Wilkinson University of Strathclyde Hydrodynamics (H) Aquamarine Power 2012
Dr Magnus Harrold University of Strathclyde Computational Modelling (CM) Tidal Energy 2012
Dr Michael Smailes University of Edinburgh Electrical Engineering (EE) Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult 2012
Dr Raffaello Antonutti University of Edinburgh Computational Modelling (CM) EDF 2012
Dr Rebecca Martin University of Strathclyde Operations and Maintenance (OM) EDF 2012
Dr Samuel Draycott University of Edinburgh Hydrodynamics (H) FloWave 2012


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