Dr George Crossley

Programme start date: 16th September 2013

EngD Thesis TitleQuantification of uncertainty in sub-sea acoustic measurement, and validation of wave-current kinematics, at a tidal energy site

Educational background

1st,  Masters in Environmental Engineering at the University of Nottingham

Industrial experience

I worked as an intern at the National Centre for Industrial Microwave Processing in Nottingham preparing and operating large scale test rigs for research into industrial microwave processing, including the physical and chemical analysis of test samples, and the operation of high accuracy material analysis apparatus.  

What were you doing prior to this programme?

Between finishing my masters and starting at IDCORE I spent the year travelling and working along the Pacific coast of Central America and working on the family farm in the south of England.

What attracted you to studying with IDCORE?

It was the most effective way for me to enter the offshore renewable industry with an in depth knowledge, immersing myself into an evolving and passionate environment at the global forefront of marine energy.

What attracted you to offshore renewables industry?/ What aspects of the industry do you find most inspiring, interesting or important for the future?

I am convinced that with research, development and funding all forms of offshore renewable energy will become useful contributors to society’s ever increasing consumption, and through our commitment as researchers we will be able to push certain technologies to the forefront of the commercial energy mix, reducing dependence on high carbon generation.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Surfing a 15 foot wave in El Salvador.

Experience with IDCORE

The course was thoroughly interesting with access to fantastic resources and inspiring tuition from renowned and passionate academics. I felt like the first year set me up well for the rest of the programme.

Do you have any other comments, interesting facts or stories to share?

I have explored a lot of coastline both in the UK and abroad, surfing, and walking amongst other things, but I was made most aware of the potential within the British Isles for marine power when visiting my cousins who worked as fishermen and divers in the Orkneys. As well as watching huge winter swells around the cliffs of Hoy and spring tides through the Pentland Firth, we once misjudged our passage through Lashy Sound where we were met by huge standing waves caused by the meeting tides. There began my first real lesson in marine energy. The sea won’t be toyed with.

George Crossley
George Crossley

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