Dr Marco Sepulveda Gutierrez

Programme start date: 16th September 2013

EngD Thesis TitleHealth monitoring of renewable energy systems

Educational background

I have obtained technical knowledge during my bachelor’s degree at the University of Concepcion in engineering sciences. Then I followed further studies and I obtained my professional degree in Electrical Civil Engineering which lasts two years added to the four 4 years of bachelor’s degree. Additionally, my professional degree included a full line of business and administration topics with modules such as electrical systems (industry, commerce and energy), introduction to economics, engineering economics, project engineering, administration and financing for entrepreneurs.

After my work experience at CGE Company I decided to take a M.Scs. in Management and Information Technology in the UK. The modules included were Database Management Systems, Advanced Interactive technologies, Web Technologies, Managing Human Resources, Marketing, International Financial Management and Academic Project Planning. As a research topic to complete the degree of master, I selected “Assessing Contribution of Renewable Energy Technologies Deployment on the social, economic and environmental dimension of Sustainable Development”.

Industrial experience

I worked for the largest energy conglomerate in Chile, CGE Distribution Company. Here I played a role of business development of a new line of business related with renewable energy and energy efficiency. I also a played a role of technical engineer as I developed and designed energy efficiency projects related to lighting and solar energy.

What were you doing prior to this programme?

After I finished my MSc at the University of St. Andrews in November 2012, I was selected by the Chilean Government to participate in an official technological mission in China with the objective of sharing knowledge and gathering information of new renewable energy technologies. Also, the delegation was able to generate long term commercial relationships with Chinese companies. I visited thermonuclear plants, renewable energy companies, and efficient lighting companies. 

Additionally, I have been working closely with marine energy industry developing strategic alliances among European and Chilean companies. I have also been studying offshore renewable energy subjects to support engineering research projects as an external consultant.

What attracted you to studying with IDCORE?

To study in the Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy is for me an exciting, challenging and unique opportunity as it is related to academic institutions with international reputation. Being part of this institution would give me a platform to become a recognised and employable engineer and I will obtain valuable experience which I would be able to apply in my career. This Engineering Doctorate programme will allow me to tackle challenges in a real world environment; developing engineering, research and commercial skills.

What attracted you to offshore renewables industry?/ What aspects of the industry do you find most inspiring, interesting or important for the future?

With my last work experience and my research experience during my M.Sc., I realised that offshore renewable energy is essential in the three dimensions of the countires’ sustainable development; economical, environmental and social dimension. A deep technical and theoretical understanding of the technologies would enhance its deployment and my career within this industry. Be able to plan, design and implement an offshore renewable energy project is for me the most inspiring factor in this industry.


Marco Sepulveda Gutierrez, IDCORE Research Engineer
Marco Sepulveda Gutierrez, IDCORE Research Engineer

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