Scott McKirdy

Programme start date: September 2013

Educational background

My early education focussed on science and engineering subjects, taking my eclectic mix of studies and my love of the natural environment I finally decided on Geology as my undergraduate degree. After achieving a Bachelors of Science with Honours from Edinburgh University I then went on to study a Master of Science degree in Engineering Geology at the University of Newcastle. At Newcastle I gained valuable knowledge of the practical application of earth science and engineering design skills.

What were you doing prior to this programme?

Prior to this program I was working on my MSc at Newcastle. In particular I was completing a research project studying the application of electro-osmotic chemical grouting on soft soils. This was an interesting project and really highlighted the challenges and rewards of research.

What attracted you to studying with IDCORE?

IDCORE offers a fantastic opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that are as applicable in the industrial environment as they are in the academic. The combination of formal training and industry based research over the four year period is a great chance to develop and improve as a scientist and engineer. I felt the program offered the best career path into the offshore renewable energy industry available.

What attracted you to offshore renewables industry?/ What aspects of the industry do you find most inspiring, interesting or important for the future?

The offshore renewables industry is a growing industry with a great deal of opportunity. The chance to get such a great head start in a relatively new and developing industry was too good to pass up. Because of the nature of the marine environment and the youth of offshore renewable industry there is a great many challenges waiting to be overcome, this offers a great opportunity to make a real difference as a research engineer. In terms of the future of the industry I feel it is vital to the UKs energy future, it also has great potential to change the energy market throughout the world.

Scott McKirdy, IDCORE Research Engineer
Scott McKirdy, IDCORE Research Engineer

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