Kieran Budgell

EngD Project Title: Anchor loading and testing for tension-leg platform floating offshore wind turbines.

Industrial Partner: ORE Catapult

Educational and Professional Background

I hold a master’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Bath, where I also spent a year in industry at EDF Energy working on the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant.  

What Attracted you to Studying with IDCORE?

I came across IDCORE during my Master’s project, where I worked closely with a previous IDCORE student on a tidal energy project. The potential of continuing research whilst also developing industrial knowledge and skills became a key factor in deciding to do IDCORE. I was also attracted by relocating to Edinburgh, which is a fantastic city to live in, especially as someone who loves the sea and being outdoors!

What Attracted you to the Renewable Energy Sector? What Aspects of the Industry do you Find Most Inspiring, Interesting, or Important for the Future?

I have always been inspired by sustainability and think that the energy sector plays a huge role in creating a zero-carbon future. It was clear from my experience at EDF that the energy sector is going through a transformation in technology and is an incredibly exciting place to be working at the start of my career. Whilst nuclear was an option, the pace of change and the development opportunities in offshore renewables is exciting and essential for the future of a zero-carbon economy.

IDCORE Research Engineer, Kieran Budgell
IDCORE Research Engineer, Kieran Budgell

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