Wan Yeung

EngD Project Title: Direct Electrolysis of Untreated Seawater to produce Green Hydrogen offshore at scale utilising curtailed offshore wind generated electricity.

Industrial Partner: Aqualution Systems Ltd.

Educational and professional background

I completed my undergraduate degree in Design Engineering at Aston University. Prior to this, I worked as an HR consultant and earned a master's in Human Resources. Upon recognizing my passion for engineering, I returned to further education to pursue qualifications that led me to Aston. During my studies, I gained valuable experience through a placement at the COVID Megalab/Rosalind Franklin Lab and later worked at a small design consultancy company. My growing interest in renewable energy guided my final year project towards the IDCORE programme.

What attracted you to studying with IDCORE?

I was drawn to the IDCORE programme due to its strong industrial and applied focus, which perfectly aligns with my career goals. The IDCORE 'family' is diverse and widespread, providing immediate access to a network of like-minded individuals. Additionally, the programme's responsiveness to internal feedback and external changes in the business landscape ensures it remains relevant and impactful.

What attracted you to the renewable energy sector? what aspects of the industry do you find most inspiring, interesting, or important for the future?

My motivation to enter the renewable energy sector stems from a desire to address the legacy of current and past lifestyles. In what is arguably a time of greater enlightenment, it is our responsibility to leave a positive legacy. The constraints of the renewable energy sector are particularly inspiring. Unlike the traditional energy sector, renewable energy must overcome significant challenges without causing collateral damage. This drives innovation and creative problem-solving, which I find both inspiring and essential.

What ambition would you like to fulfil as a Research Engineer?

As a research engineer, I aspire to leverage my engineering expertise to bring people and teams together. I am a great advocate of the phrase ‘sum of the parts being greater than the whole’.

Personal motivation and beliefs

I believe that innovation is born from a diversity of thoughts and experiences. Encouraging a mix of people within the engineering sector enhances our ability to innovate. This belief aligns closely with my core values, motivating me to improve the communication and people management skills in the sector to foster better collaboration and innovation.

IDCORE Research Engineer, Wan Yeung
IDCORE Research Engineer, Wan Yeung

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