Josh Mitchell

EngD Project Title: Multi-sector spatial optimisation of UK seabed for net zero

Industrial Partner: The Crown Estate

Educational and professional background

I hold an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems at The University of Edinburgh and before that a BEng in Aerospace Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. I have worked on a wide variety of research projects such as commercial aircraft systems design, hybrid locomotive drivetrain, the hydrogen economy, engineered barrier systems for nuclear waste disposal as well as my MSc dissertation addressing the ORE skills gap.

What attracted you to studying with IDCORE?

I chose the IDCORE program due the cross-cutting nature of the training, combining engineering technical skills with socio-technical. This aspect combined with a focus on developing practical team working and transferable skills in addition to technical skills was of particular interest to me, as they aim to develop students as a whole character.

Additionally, the benefit of bringing together a cohort with a wide range of backgrounds fosters a collaborative culture. The encouragement for cross cohort and even alumni collaboration and engagement only add to this culture.

What Attracted you to the renewable energy sector? What aspects of the industry do you find most inspiring, interesting, or important for the future?

During the course of my MSc it became increasingly apparent to me that offshore renewables hold the greatest potential to decarbonise the UK energy system. The UK’s involvement in the ORE industry excites me. I am keen to maintain, if not improve the UK’s position as a world leader in ORE.

I am passionate about involving myself in this crucial research to facilitate the UK’s position in the industry and to reach its net zero goals. I am delighted to have the opportunity to help improve the evidence needed in order to maximise the use of the UK seabed.



IDCORE Research Engineer - Josh Mitchell
IDCORE Research Engineer - Josh Mitchell

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