EnerOcean is a small company (R&D SME) created in 2007 in Málaga, and nowadays we have offices in Malaga in the South of Spain and in Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands.


Mujahid has a background in Mechanical Engineering, which led to an MSc in thermo-fluids for the petrochemical industry. Following this, he worked as a research engineer at the Centre for Engineering Research, a research institute in Saudi Arabia, focusing on industry-academia projects involving multiphase flows in the oil and gas industry. He was attracted to IDCORE as part of a personal response to the climate crisis, seeking to apply his experience to something new and meaningful. He saw the interaction with industry offered by IDCORE as holding the potential to realise his dream of becoming a research engineer in the burgeoning renewable energy sector.

Mujahid Elobeid portrait photo with countryside and mountains in the background
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