Susana Torres

About Susana

Susana fell in love with Scotland when she was sent to Aberdeen to undertake an MSc in safety and reliability in the oil and gas industry by her then sponsors, the National Hydrocarbon Agency (ANH) of Colombia and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Her time on this course also made her start to reflect on the implications of climate change and the role she could play in addressing it.

Consequently, IDCORE presented the perfect opportunity – it would be good for her career and the environment, and it would mean that she could spend some more time in Scotland, working on research with direct application to industry.

Susana's Project

As an electrical engineer with 12 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, Susana wanted to find a project sponsor who could make use of this knowledge. She found this in JBA, a consultancy that applies its knowledge of the offshore industry to construction, operations and maintenance in offshore renewable energy. Her project is taking existing generic methodologies and tools used by developers during construction and installation of fixed offshore wind structures and extending these for use on floating installations.

This has not been an easy process. The industry is changing rapidly, and this has been reflected in the challenges Susana has faced in developing a clear specification for the project. However, JBA have been very supportive and working with them has also allowed her to gain invaluable experience participating in other projects with commercial clients, government agencies and insurers. In this way, she has had the opportunity for involvement in addressing the risks in all elements of the offshore wind development cycle.

"IDCORE wasn’t the only CDT place I was offered but I came here because of its focus on industry. I am really enjoying my project which is giving me a good understanding of the needs of JBA and their various clients. I am looking forward to being able to take what I have learned here, along with my previous experience in the oil and gas sector, into an on-going career in offshore renewable energy.

Susana Torres

This diversity of experience has been a common thread throughout Susana’s IDCORE experience. It started during her training in the first year of the scheme, which was enhanced by the rich mix of backgrounds of colleagues in her cohort, who quickly became an important support network for one another.

"Susana has adapted brilliantly to the opportunity and demands of her project. She was able to get involved with cutting edge commercial work, answering practical installation questions. It is never easy to further develop an existing model, but following initial training in coding and strong academic support and guidance, she is now able to tailor JBA’s model for floating wind installations.

Prof Philipp Thies, Associate Professor, University of Exeter, Primary Supervisor

JBA also recognise the value of this training and the subject knowledge it gives to the IDCORE students that they have sponsored. Engagement with IDCORE has contributed to their success in the offshore renewable energy sector.

"At JBA, we have a long and successful relationship with the IDCORE programme, having hosted three students and employed four graduates. We hugely value the benefits that the IDCORE programme has brought to us, not least the high calibre of students that have worked with us and who have been instrumental in developing and advancing novel new technologies for the offshore wind sector. Having Susana with us has been fantastic. The knowledge that she has gained from the programme, coupled with her previous industry experience, has allowed her to rapidly engage with and advance an important new area for us in floating wind. She is a delight to work with, and we very much look forward to watching her research grow and realising it benefits."

Mark Lawless, Director at JBA



Project Sponsor: 

  • JBA Consulting
photo of Susana Torres with sea and mountains in background
Susana Torres
group photo of three IDCORE members with sea and mountains in background